For me, paid dating or dating with escorts is a good way of having fun with sexy girls. I encouraged many of my other friends as well to try this option for having fun with sexy girls. But my friends have mix opinion for this service. Some of them claimed it as an amazing experience and some did not get any good fun with it. As far as I am concerned, I always get extra ordinary fun with sexy hotand gorgeous escorts and I do some the below mentioned things as well to increase the fun.

I share my needs: While hiring escorts, I always share whatever I have in my mind. For example, I want to date girls at my private place then I share that and if I have any special things in my mind about girls, then I do that as well. By this kind of information sharing I get good time and fun with gorgeous girls. My friends do not do this basic thing and that is why many of them do not get best fun in this paid dating.

Dress preference: I love to see girls in erotic lingerie and I share that need as well. When I hire escorts to date me at my private place, then I ask them to wear some erotic lingerie for me. When they come to my home then they remove their external clothes and they get into the erotic lingerie till the time they are with me. If I have any other dress preference in my mind at that particular time apart from erotic lingerie I do that as well and I get

Talk about money: Not talking about the money while hiring sexy escorts is one more mistake that many people make. I do not make this mistake in any condition and I always hire gorgeous women after talking about the money. If I feel cost is not good or affordable for me, then I do not take their services. Also, I do not talk about the discount after I have girls at my door step. If I want to get discount I do the communication before taking the services and in that way I get the chance to have good fun easily.

I give respect: Giving respect is the most important thing that many guys forget to do. Guy need to understand that escorts offer companionship, they wear erotic lingerie for client, but they are not prostitutes and they deserve respect. In fact, even if you are with a sex worker, then you should give respect to her as well for the pleasure that she is going to give to you. So, if you are not giving the respect to these girls, then you are making a big mistake. I never make that mistake while taking their services and that is how I get great fun and entertainment as well in really easy manner. I suggest my other friends and you also to keep above thing in mind to have the best experience – read more

Some of the things that I always do while hiring escorts

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